Fast Years: Women EP

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Fast Years are reminiscent of The Beach Boys with a splash of garage and a hint of indie. (See what I did there? ;)) Their initial sound makes it seem as if they’re really playing in a garage, with head banging everywhere and the neighbors calling the police for a noise complaint. Which makes their catchy chorus’ seem so out of place. When the chorus kicks in, any listener will be instantly pulled in. Fast Years have a knack for creating addicting melodies for every single song they make. Just listen to “Young Heart” for proof. This song will have you dancing like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but with more rock and less Scientology. But this band isn’t a one hit wonder, they’re able to perform and continue with their insane chorus’ throughout the Women EP. “Stolen Love” has the same zeal as “Young Heart” with it’s own distinctive sound.

“You got a young heart and you’re afraid to break it
Off to a slow start but don’t worry I can take it”

Each song on the Women EP takes you for a ride. A wonderful ride that you don’t want to end. Thank goodness there’s a repeat button. And each song on the Women EP sounds different from the others yet all stay within the Fast Years sound. A sign of true musical mastery. “Like It Or Not” has less of a garage sound than the previous songs on the EP but this stray from the path Women was taking is not unwelcome. It’s a slower approach but it’s not drastically different from the other foot stompers. Truly showing what Fast Years are capable of. Fast Years are quality. Give them a listen.

“Young Heart” can be downloaded for free at the band’s BandCamp.


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