Fetty Wap @ The Paramount 01/18/2018

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Main Street in Huntington Village looked calm as ever on Thursday night. Families could be seen enjoying a nice Italian dinner in Porto Fino but across the street, it was all excitement and mayhem inside The Paramount as concert goers eagerly awaited Fetty Wap’s appearance onstage. Hoards of fans were packed as closely to the stage as possible for the chance to hand over their phones to those on stage. Throughout the many opening acts, each one was met with fans begging to take their phones and record a video. Those on the balcony were no exception either. One lucky fan from the balcony now has a phone that Fetty Wap himself has held. The rapper happily reached out for the phone from the balcony to record a video for him. And while fans happily sang along to SZA’s “The Weekend” and Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” in between acts, it was evident from their “1738” chanting who they wanted to see.

The various opening acts consisted of musicians and rappers such as Liam Lis with Molly Fletcher on violin, FatBoySSE, and TapiaSGB, who donned a black Fetty Wap sweatshirt. Fetty also had a fellow New Jersey native onstage, in the form of SkinnyFromThe9. While the openers performed, their crew could often be seen walking around and throwing T-shirts into the crowd. Each time there was a prospect of a T-shirt entering the air, a slew of arms suddenly shot up in the hopes of catching one. I had the fortunate luck of being hit in the head twice by a shirt, due to my proximity to the stage in the photo pit and my short stature. Each time, I reached for the shirt and quickly handed it off so that I could go back to shooting. The actual hand off only lasted a few seconds but in those moments, I could see the rabid fervor with which those in the crowd so badly reached forward for the shirts. I handed the second shirt to an older man and even he had the same look on his face! Age seems to bear no effect on the intensity of Fetty Wap fans.

Also worth noting is the title of Fetty Wap’s tour. Each person in the venue last night found themselves witness to the For My Fans Tour and from the way Fetty Wap performed and conducted himself onstage, the tour name was more than simply a name. It seemed as though the rapper was truly there for his fans, often reaching out to the crowd and on one occasion, he blew out a kiss. From the second he stepped on stage, it was all smiles on Fetty’s face and there is no greater pleasure for the concert attendee than to see their favorite artist exuding pure joy. Between crowd favorites like “Couple Bands” and “679,” the rapper looked at ease onstage flanked by his crew in the back. It was for hits like “Trap Queen” and “My Way,” however, that everyone seemed to be in absolute bliss. As the music would drop, the audience could be heard screaming back the lyrics as an exuberant Fetty Wap looked back at them. There is no doubt that all those onstage were there for the fans.


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