Field Mouse @ Bowery Ballroom 05/24/2013

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Being a opening act is hard; oftentimes these acts play to a half-filled venue with people piling in, adding to the chatter of attendees who for the most part are mainly there to see the headlining act. Front woman of Brooklyn band Field Mouse took this never changing attribute that comes with the territory of being an opening act and mused it in a lighthearted way with a crowd that took to a liking of the jokester. While Field Mouse performed to a nearly full Bowery Ballroom, many times throughout their set, Browne thanked the crowd for “watching the opening band, which I sometimes do,” much to the amusement of the crowd.

Her many failed attempts at throwing out jokes may not have been high points, even with the crowd throwing helpful (while not at all helpful) punchlines, but it didn’t matter. It was Field Mouse’s brand of indie pop shoe gaze that held over the crowd’s attention more than Browne’s floundering attempts at jokes. The bass lines emanating from Saysha Heinzman were just soul ripping while vocalist Rachel Browne’s airy vocals kept the atmosphere light as Field Mouse collectively completely killed it onstage. Their set was energetic, awkward, and great.

At one point, Browne threw some compliments out to the proceeding opening act, Owen, stating that she was a great fan of Kinsella—to which he yelled from the crowd that he was watching. This elicited a sheepish “Awkward” from Browne and wide grins from the rest of Field Mouse.

And read our concert review over at CMJ:

“This is the greatest city in the world, and I’ve been to El Paso.”

Field Mouse is Rachel Browne, Andrew Futral, Saysha Heinzman, Geoff Lewit.


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