Foals @ Terminal 5 05/03/2013

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Foals truly know how to put on a show and entertain a sold out venue, which is exactly what they did last night at Terminal 5. In support of their newest album, Holy Fire, Foals were in New York City and completely took over. Their stage presence commanded everyone’s full attention and it was hard not to considering the epileptic lighting, the massive interludes, and the erratic and ever captivating front man, Yannis Philippakis, climbing up balconies. From that last sentence alone, you’d probably be confused and as you should be. And maybe that was Foals’ intention from the start: to give the audience such a show that even trying to articulate it afterwards would be an impossible feat. Well, here we go at our try.

When Yannis Philippakis wasn’t climbing up balconies, crowd surfing, or starting mosh pits, he and the rest of Foals were creating beautiful interludes that flowed seamlessly into each song of their set. The musicianship was absolute perfection and an almost a painful experience to watch. That is, you’d spend so long watching them with so much fervor that it was easy to forget to blink. Watching Foals was watching a group of talented men on stage who clearly love what they’re doing. That exuded from them all throughout their set. There wasn’t a dull moment when Foals performed because each moment was the essence of what a true rock show should be. It was engaging, captivating, legen—wait for it—dary.

Each song was done to perfection. And even when Philippakis was lost among the crowd, walking through the balconies slamming his drum sticks together, the rest of Foals continued to play completely in sync and without hesitation as they waited for their front man to return. And he returned in quite a memorable fashion—climbing down another balcony. A Foals concert will surely leave any and everyone fully sated. It left me jaw dropped and in complete awe. Catch Foals live because it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Foals is Yannis Philippakis, Jack Bevan, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers, Edwin Congreave.

Set List:
01. “Prelude”
02. “Inhaler”
03. “Balloons”
04. “Olympic Airways”
05. “Bad Habit”
06. “Milk and Black Spiders”
07. “Spanish Sahara”
08. “Red Sox Pugie”
09. “Late Night”
10. “Providence”
11. “Electric Bloom”
12. “My Number”
13. “Two Steps, Twice”


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