Forget Me in Vegas: “Is Anyone Up?”

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Let’s face it, we all had a brief stint with pop punk/pop rock bands, whether we want to admit it or not. And my inner 14 year old tween self is burgeoning its way out upon hearing “Is Anyone Up?” by Forget Me in Vegas. And this weird inclination towards this track is like the first line suggests, it’s a “dirty obsession.” It’s like Taylor Swift. You want to dislike her. You try SO hard to. And yet you find yourself jamming out to one of her songs unexpectedly one day.

“Is Anyone Up?” is a good track. However, like most of the music in this genre, were I to hear it in a compilation with other artists of the same genre, I would not be able to tell anyone apart. They do however remind me of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in a 2009 Lonely Road album kind of way, and I loved that album so they’ve got that! All in all, this band has got one more thing going for them. They’re from Rochester, upstate New York and I love that place. So kudos to the band for growing up in a place in which they had no say. Give “Is Anyone Up?” a listen and let your inner tween girl out.

The band’s sophomore EP, Coulda Shoulda, is available for free download via their BandCamp.

Forget Me in Vegas is Chris Wurzburg, Jamie Okrzynski, Joe Raymond.


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