Go Radio @ Warped Tour, NY 07/13/2013

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How many times can I really describe how solid a Go Radio performance is? I’m rather burnt out from the massive amounts of photo editing I’ve done today but despite that, it’s still clear in my mind how strong Go Radio were when they played Warped Tour in Uniondale, Long Island at Nassau Coliseum. They’re rock solid performers and never falter under the pressure, even if that pressure is a summer long, torturous—and dirty—Warped Tour schedule.

I last saw Go Radio perform in Holmdel, New Jersey last Sunday and there wasn’t really a difference in either performance, other than the fact that New York was on an outside stage. I see this band continuing in their characteristic unwavering live performances and I’m excited to see how they do with new material when it’s released.

Other than that, check out more photos of the band from this past Saturday! This was sort of a redemption on my part. Having the outside stage allowed for some more dynamic shots, especially with the band being able to move around stage this time. I even accomplished my goal of getting a jump shot of guitarist Alex Reed. I’d spent all day being sad that I missed another opportunity to get that shot and 8 hours later, I freaked the fuck out when I scrolled past it reviewing the day’s photos.

Go Radio is Jason Lancaster, Alex Reed, Matt Poulos, Steven Kopacz.


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