GOLDHOUSE @ Warped Tour, NY 07/13/2013

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When I last saw GOLDHOUSE perform, I missed the three song mark to photograph the band in the pit so instead I took a seat inside the PNC Bank Arts Amphitheater in Holmdel, NJ and sat back as GOLDHOUSE put on a stellar show. From my vantage point, the entirety of GOLDHOUSE exuded pure excitement onstage and that easily translated into the crowd. There were a pair of moms in the front row of the theater, sporting purple fanny packs and were having the time of their lives. This sight however wasn’t much of a surprise as it was entertaining; but that’s really what a GOLDHOUSE performance is: entertaining. As the project of Chicago’s Grant Harris, backed by his three-member live performance band, these guys love what they’re doing and you can see it when they perform.

As I was photographing this band at the Uniondale stop of the Vans Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum, I was wearing ear plugs but nothing could really block out the Earth shattering pop melodies and beats emanating from the speakers. After I had finished taking my photos, I stepped away from the DOMO stage to answer a phone call and when I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to see GOLDHOUSE’s crowd had doubled and had even caught the attention of the crowd over at the Tilly’s stage who were dancing along as well. The calm crowd I had walked away from had turned into an instant rave within seconds. The day’s attendees were just entranced by the performance going onstage. People who had been sitting on the pavement taking a rest immediately stood up and joined in on the dance party. Security were taking pictures of the happenings and dads in the crowd were recording the whole event.

When GOLDHOUSE perform, there’s really no ignoring them. They’re captivating and enigmatic. Their stage presence is something you don’t see in every day acts and that’s something really special. Whether they’re performing their own material or if it’s a Rihanna cover, a GOLDHOUSE performance is smile-inducing. Make sure to catch this band perform live. They’ve got some sick floor toms skills.

GOLDHOUSE is Grant Harris, Aaron Eberly, James Feuerbacher, Marc Esses.


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