Guards: “I See It Coming”

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Photo by Christopher Ergabello

Listening to Guards makes you feel as if you’re driving down one of those windy roads on the side of a mountain with the wind blowing in your 70’s style cut hair with a fringe vest on. All the troubles in the world seem to disappear. The never ending oh’s that flow out from Richie Follin transform your senses. You’re taken back to times when it was it was cool to wear bell bottoms and where everyone wore circle shaped glasses. The vintage feel and sound of Guards is interesting. It makes you furrow your eyebrows in interest until you come to the conclusion that you truly like the song. It’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to Guards. Their sound has a lifting effect on listeners. Give up two minutes and fifty six seconds of your life to give Guards a listen.

Their EP can be downloaded for free here:


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