H.M.S Adriatic: “Gold and Glitter”

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My wonderful twin (but not really), Tiffany, from Tiffany Bee told me about H.M.S. Adriatic whom she met yesterday in Brighton, UK. She told me to check them out because they’re “really really really good!” (I hope you don’t mind me quoting you Tiff!) Well I trust her taste in music and I gave H.M.S. Adriatic a listen and I’m hooked.

Chris Hall’s singing voice has this grit in it. Which adds to the rustic grunge sound of “Gold and Glitter.” It’s reminiscent of 90’s grunge with a new take on it. Elements of jazz emulate throughout the song. It’s jazz nuances separate this track from grunge. It’s a more upbeat and pop sound with rock at its core. Near the end of this track, as the vocals diminish, the guitar, bass, and drums all shine together to create a beautiful arrangement. Just by listening at the end, you can tell the playing ability of H.M.S. Adriatic is tight. I’ve listened to “Gold and Glitter” eight times now. It’s hard not to. Check them out.

H.M.S Adriatic is Danny Southwell, Chris Hall, Travis Moore.


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