Hands Like Houses: “A Fire On A Hill” Video

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“Learning how to strike a flame, and draw fire from nothing.” At first listen, “A Fire On A Hill” sounds eerily familiar and in a way that takes me back to my middle school days. I want to say that it’s because the verses are sung in such a menacing way that it reminds me of a Brendan Urie from the early Panic! At The Disco era; but to say such a thing would be discrediting to Hands Like Houses. The vocals on this track are just killer and they seem emanate a raw energy that’s in a way, almost tangible. It’s amazing really, how much this song brings back floods of memories for me and perhaps it’s because of the song’s truly storytelling lyrics. And even better than that, the accompanying music video features two artists depicting the song’s vivid lyrics perfectly with jaw dropping artistry that only makes me question my own lack of talent.

However, the real kicker of this song is how it reminded me of the Sexy Sax Man bit from George Michael classic, “Carless Whisper”. C’mon, try to tell me you don’t hear it too.

Hands Like Houses is Trenton Woodley, Matt Cooper, Joel Tyrrell, Alex Pearson, Matt Parkitny, Jamal Sabet.


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