Hands Like Houses: “I Am” Video

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The way I see it, there are more upsides than downsides to not having a Facebook account. But I’ve noticed that now that I don’t have a Facebook newsfeed, a lot more effort has fallen on my part to keep up with the musicians that I listen to. (Although Facebook’s newsfeed was never the most sensibly designed thing, I meticulously set it up to show only news and music updates.) Other than missing how convenient the newsfeed was, I’ve *slightly* missed the humor on the social network. Facebook users have typically been keen on memes so seeing this Futurama meme commented on a Hands Like Houses update brought me hearty laughs and warm, fuzzy feelings for the internet’s humor.

From what I’ve seen, reactions to Hands Like Houses’s newest single, “I Am,” have been very positive overall. And while I want to blame my lack of attention paid to the Australian band on my lack of a FB newsfeed, I don’t really have an excuse. HLH thoroughly impressed me with their performance vigor as well as their emotive album, Unimagine, in 2013 so I’m glad that their momentum is still going strong two years later. “I Am” has the same powerful spirit that is so characteristic to Hands Like Houses’s music and it made me jam out as hard as lead singer, Trenton Woodley is doing in the music video. I can’t imagine anyone not singing along to this track’s chorus because it’s so good. And the visuals for the music video? Just perfect.

Hands Like Houses have always been a band whose music and style have impressed me and I’m glad they’ve come back to the forefront of my mind. I’ll be sure to keep myself updated on what’s ahead for this Aussie band from now on.


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