Handsome Ghost: “Blood Stutter” Video

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It’s been a while since I’ve heard any news from my beloved Aunt Martha and now I understand why: Tim Noyes has gone off and started making electro-pop under the guise Handsome Ghost! Well butter my butt and call me Biscuit, what?! Apparently I’m late to the party because Handsome Ghost has been a long time coming but even with the moniker change, listening to “Blood Stutter” will reassure old fans that this is the lyrical work of Tim Noyes. His first single as Handsome Ghost has already amassed over a million plays on Spotify and it’s only growing. He’s also already released a four track EP if you can believe that. And the music video to “Blood Stutter”? It’s part of a trilogy, nbd.

Tim Noyes has been busy for the past year to say the least. Months were spent writing and recording at the Color Study studio in Vermont and I’m so happy to hear that all that effort has paid off. “Blood Stutter” is gorgeously ethereal—but not in the chemistry sense of the word! We’re not talking Grignard reagents here; we’re talking beautifully textured electronic music that almost makes us forgive the usage of auto-tune. Mix that with a music video (not starring Jake McDorman from Shameless) that makes almost no sense, and you’ve got a hit. (We’re waiting for the entire trilogy to be released before we retract that statement.)


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