Hank Green & the Perfect Strangers @ Gramercy Theatre 04/26/2015

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Cheers erupted as Hank Green & the Perfect Strangers – but actually familiar faces like Rob Scallon, Andrew Huang, and Joe DeGeorge – took to the stage at Gramercy Theatre. The cheers were relentless so Green simply said, “I guess, I’ll just stand here and take praise.” It was really kind of amazing watching the crowd be so unironically enthusiastic before the band played a single note. So when they did start playing, it was loud. “Oh JK Rowling” got things rolling right along but not quite like the band’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” did. Green singled out members of the audience to dance away their inhibitions as the crowd formed circles around these individuals. “Hugs Scream” followed suit and this included a rendition of the song sung backwards.

“Are you in this room? I’ll find you someday. “ The band even debuted a new song called “I ate five cookies and I didn’t feel bad” mid-set. Green stated that the weirdos in the band wrote this new song while he was in the bathroom during rehearsal, proving that every moment is an opportunity to be efficient. After this, the set list written on a paper plate was lost so Green took the opportunity to promote his Snapchat (hankgre) and to tell the person who has the Snapchat username ‘hankgreen’ that he will find him someday.

Between all of the amusing stage banter and the highly relatable songs such as “I Fucking Love Science,” there was certainly a lot to keep track of during the performance. One moment Rob Scallon would be having a drum solo and the next, Green would be asking the crowd to snap for his podcast. The set closed out with “I Guess it all Makes Sense at the End,” “Accio Deathly Hallows,” and “The Universe Is Weird.”

“Someday, all of us will be dead. That’s the kind of message you get when you come to a Hank green show”

Before the band came back out for an encore, “DFTBA” was adoringly chanted throughout the theater. The wait time seemed just right because when they came back out, ghost busters in the form of Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine) and Sam Grant appeared while an unknown ghost haunted the front row of the audience. The show ended on a high note with special guest, Michael Gregory of the Gregory Brothers (Auto-Tune the News and Schmoyoho), coming onstage to take the place of John Green in “We Are All Bat People.” Ultimately, I felt a lot of feels during the show and I loved every minute of it.


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