Harry and the Potters @ Gramercy Theatre 04/26/2015

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“That’s what it’s about for me: knowing people will come together and have a good time.”Before Harry and the Potters took to the stage, Hank Green came on to take a quick poll of the audience. He asked everyone to raise their hand if Miley Cyrus was their first concert. A few concert-goers hesitantly raised their hands, which seemed to amuse Green who noted, “There’s always two.” He followed this up by asking the audience to raise their hand if their first concert was Harry and the Potters. This elicited a myriad of hands to fly up across the room. Green then proceeded with what I felt was a sweet suggestion for the night’s concert-goers. He talked about VidCon (the convention he founded which celebrates online video and its content creators), how it has grown exponentially in size in recent years, and he contrasted its size to Gramercy Theatre’s 500 person capacity. He stated that he loved this size of audience but stressed, “Not only is it about me but this is an experience we’re having together, and it’s going in a lot of directions. During the night if you feel like you don’t wanna be looking up here but interacting with the people around you, I would encourage you to do that. That’s what it’s about for me: knowing people will come together and have a good time.”

With that said, the crowd proceeded to have a good time once two Harry Potters and the ghost of Cedric Diggory came onstage. The audience happily took the pledge that was recited onstage and from there on, it was a brouhaha of high energy and pure magic. Songs like “My Teacher is a Werewolf” and “The Economics of the Wizarding World Don’t Make Sense” had me laughing uncontrollably and that laughter only grew once I realized the crowd was chanting “wingardium leviosa.” There was confetti, a giant crowdsurfing plush snake, and even a performance of “A Whole New World” with special guests Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Tyler Oakley – causing uproars from the audience. I’ve never felt prouder to be a part of the Harry Potter fandom than as I did after watching Harry and the Potters perform. It was definitely one for the spell books.


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