Hello Highway: “Hope in Tomorrow”

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When I hear an artist has made a song to inspire their fans, my mind immediately thinks of purple and Justin Bieber’s “Believe.” That cringe worthy song from the Bieb’s was made for his fans to inspire them or something along those lines. Long story short, that song was an overproduced, cliche, mess. Thanks to the Biebs, I now hesitate when a song was created “for the fans.”

Hello Highway’s newly released single, “Hope in Tomorrow,” completely blew away this hesitation. This song was written with one purpose: to inspire Hello Highway’s fan base, and all people, to never give up. It’s everything that is good about piano driven pop rock music. The lyrics never reach the border between smart and cliche. The lyrics continuously stay away from typical inspirational blabber; they stay clever and smart throughout the song all while being able to stay within the song’s central idea, a great testament to Sumstine’s writing abilities. “Hope in Tomorrow” creates a story, each lyric depicting a vivid scene.

Each lyric has this ability to uplift the listener even if you zone out and miss a chunk of the song. It’s impressive how each single word in “Hope in Tomorrow” creates such an anthem for inspiring listeners to go after their purpose in life. “When you feel alone, in your heart there is a light/Let it guide you home.” Each element of this song has been done to perfection. From Daniel Sumstine’s vocal performance, to the instrumentals, to the incredibly well written lyrics, to the powerful chorus, and the even more powerful ending to the song. Laid throughout “Hope in Tomorrow” are chants of woahs that create for a bigger than life sound, adding to the uplifting nature of this song.

Daniel Sumstine has done what he set out to do: He’s created a song to inspire people to not give up. Even better than that, he’s done it with such elegance and strong musicality. Just released today, buy his new single off his new self-titled EP to be released later this summer: http://bit.ly/HopeinTomorrow

“More than anything, I want to inspire people who listen to never give up doing what truly makes them happy.”

Hello Highway is Daniel Sumstine.


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