Hands Like Houses: “Degrees of Separation”

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Hands Like Houses released their third album, Dissonants, earlier this year and I’m not even surprised at how great it is after just one listen. Everything this band releases is a hit and that just continues with Dissonants. And you know what? I expected as much. When I got to interview Trenton Woodley and Matty Parkitney, it was evident from the start that these were smart guys. They knew what they were talking about and were able to convey what they wanted to say so effortlessly and eloquently. With that in mind, it’s not a far stretch to see that their strength in communication extends towards their songwriting abilities as well. Throughout every HLH album, there continues to be a strong foundation in lyricism. Their songs have messages and it’s always meaningful. I’m happy to see that in this new album.

Despite there being so many great songs on Dissonants, I’ve taken a particular liking to “Degrees of Separation.” Like many of Hands Like Houses’ songs, it’s anthemic and will fill you with an energy that’s unprecedented. When I listen to Hands Like Houses, I just feel as though I’m capable of accomplishing anything and everything. That’s the energy that resides in their music and it’s something I feel solely unique to this band. Additionally, they take such everyday human experiences like being away from a loved one and turn it into an amazing song that is both relatable and catchy AF. The message of this song is one that takes on special meaning in this period of my life and it’s exactly what I needed. I love it and I’m not going to stop listening to it anytime soon.

It hurts to know we’re always worlds apart,
This burning I feel is slowing down my heart


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