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Life at Degrassi has never been boring; unless you count the “two hours of tutoring” Luke Bilyk has to do every day. Luke or otherwise known as Drew Torres on TeenNick’s Degrassi has been living his own high school experience away from a real high school. A never ending series of trouble has always followed each character on the show and Luke’s character has been no exception.

” It was difficult being scared and jumping at every little noise “ “Drew started out as a football jock who messed around with Riley, later on in the season he cheats on Ali with Bianca. Drew also did mushrooms with Bianca and then accidentally killed someone out of self defense. Bianca led him down the wrong path. After that Drew joined a fight club to try and suppress his post-traumatic stress disorder. He eventually beats up the gang leader who threatened to kill him” Luke Bilyk explained. Note to self: do not make Luke angry, he’s killed before.

Luke Bilyk will be returning on Degrassi: New Beginnings as a senior along with some old and new faces. Freshmen will be added to the cast to add in some new excitement. Luke Bilyk took some time out to answer some questions about his character, life at Degrassi, and some of his most memorable experiences on the show below.

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You’ve had a pretty busy year to say the least. What has been your most favorite thing you’ve done this past year?
One of my favorite things that I have done this year was the “Party with Degrassi” US tour. We visited three Cities. It was a lot of fun seeing all the fans.

What has been the hardest twist of Drew’s character that you have had to portray? How did you prepare to make it authentic?
The craziest thing that I have had to portray was Drew’s episodes where he goes through his post-traumatic stress disorder. It was difficult being scared and jumping at every little noise and make that look natural. I prepared to do this by watching my favorite movies that were going through the same thing. My biggest inspiration was Leonardo DiCaprio in Departed.

If you could make your own crazy twist to Drew’s character, what would you make him do/change into?
Drew has done many crazy things over the past few years, and I could not think of anything else that he could do. I have been very happy with everything I have been given.

Being on the show, you obviously don’t get to be in real high school but get to act through situations that typical high school students go through. Has being on the show given something like a real high school experience?
Yes, being on Degrassi has given me the feeling like being in a real high school, I just feel like Degrassi has a lot more drama than a normal school would. So one year of Degrassi drama can feel like four years of real high school drama.

Through Degrassi, you and Munro Chambers have become incredibly close friends. Did you ever expect to become so close to your cast mates when you first started? What is the dynamic of your friendship like?
There is no way that I ever thought I would be THIS good of friends with all the cast. Munro and I hang out a lot. We played on the same hockey team in the summer, which was a lot of fun. We just love joking around and definitely see him as a brother.

You’ve said that people have changed or made decisions in their real lives based on your character on the show for the better. What is that like to hear those stories?
When I hear that I have made an impact on someone’s life through the work that I have done it really makes me feel good. It reassures me that I am doing my job right, because that is a part of what I am there for

What has been some of your most memorable experiences since being on Degrassi?
One of the most memorable things about Degrassi would be the fighting scenes. I got to do two months of training to make me look like a pro.

And because Hopeless Thunder is very music oriented, we have to ask, who are your favorite artists right now and what are the 5 most played songs in your iTunes?
My favorite artists would be Deph Naught, Eminem, Drake, & Adele. The top five songs played would be The Motto, White America, Let me go, Set fire to the rain and Young Wild and Free.

Luke had one last message for his fans:

I’d like to thank all my fans for their loyalty and support. Also, to always be yourself no matter what!

Photo credit: Stephen Scott for Epitome Pictures.

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