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Chicago’s own Good Luck Jane’s music is “a blend of melodic pop radio ready jams and smooth heartwarming melodies.” Band members Joey Busse (Lead Vocals), Andrew Slutsky (Guitar & Keys), Dan Wywrot (Rhythm Guitar), Danny Katz (Bass & Vocals), and Jake Cooper (Drums) all attend the University of Illinois. It was there that they began their musical journey and where they spent “countless hours staying involved in the music scene to prove they have big things coming their way.” Currently they’re in the studio making new music but have “a few songs up our sleeves for the fall that we are very excited to put out.” Good Luck Jane talks to us about their album Crossing Borders, their performance at Warped Tour, and their latest single, Sugar Rush.

When asked about their history, they had this to say: “Andrew and Jake knew each other in high school and soon after met Joey who impressed them with his singing skills. They then found Dan jamming in his dorm room and began playing together. Later, Danny was found in another band and had soon joined Good Luck Jane.”

They started to do covers of songs they thought “would generate a lot of views, like brand new hits or songs constantly on repeat on the radio.” They’ve done covers of songs by IYAZ and Lady Gaga that have garnered them a lot of attention. Now, Good Luck Jane is spending most of their time to focus on their own music coming out soon. But don’t fret; they have plans on making more covers in the fall. However this time, instead of covering songs that will get a lot of views, now they’re choosing songs they “truly enjoy and are inspired by.” It was their covers that got them a lot of attention but that was their way to bring people to their own original music. “We released our “Word of the Week” EP in 2009. We recorded a version of IYAZ’s “Replay” in 2009 and that brought even more attention towards our other music.”

While they can cover songs, they also can write their own. They had this to say when asked about how they lyrically come up with their material: “A lot of our songs come from past experiences or ones we are currently dealing with as individuals. Some ideas are from each of us and we try to continually write new material.”

Their album, Crossing Borders, is a metaphor for their “new step in [their] music careers.” They chose that as their album name because “we were crossing into a somewhat new genre of music and improved on our writing capabilities. We now feel that we have crossed that bridge and are on to a new level of Good Luck Jane. We constantly improve and we want to show our fans that we will always have new things to show them.”

Their latest single, Sugar Rush, is one of their favorites. Written by their drummer, Jake, it’s about “a relationship that is always in constant battle of emotions.” Also that “through all the fighting and “He said, she said” nonsense, no matter what there is always going to be some sort of “Sugar Rush” feeling that keeps them together and wanting more.”

Good Luck Jane have “a lot of bands” that influence them each differently. “For some, bands that we play with inspire us, while others have influences they’ve grown up with their whole lives.” When asked about bands they’d like to collaborate with, Parachute, was their first answer. Parachute is one of their favorite bands. Parachute “definitely helped put some influence into our new tracks along with many other artists like Andy Grammer, Mumford and Sons, and more.”
Recently, Good Luck Jane played at Warped Tour and Warped is definitely a great place to showcase their music and introduce themselves to new fans. On what it was like to play there, they said, “It was definitely a dream come true for some of us. We had always attended Warped as fans and it was such an experience being able to play on one of those stages for hundreds of people. We met a lot of great people throughout the day and gained a lot of exposure.”

Along with playing at Warped Tour, they’ve played with huge bands like All Time Low, Yellowcard, and Hey Monday. Playing with these well-known bands, they said “it’s definitely a great feeling. We always love supporting large acts because the bigger shows are always a great time. The more people that you can play for, the better feeling on stage we have. We hope to have many great experiences ahead.”

Check out Good Luck Jane at their FREE upcoming show! Their music isn’t one dimension, Good Luck Jane have songs to “keep you on your feet and speakers blasting” while others “will sit you down and fill your heart with emotion.”


Tour Dates:
09/03/2011- BG Palooza at Buffalo Grove Days, Buffalo Grove, IL 5pm, Free All Ages

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