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Jacob Faurholt There’s something to be respected in those who like music where you can “sense the person playing,” music “not killed by perfection.” Music these days is chock full of autotune, it seems there’s no way to escape it. But folk/ experimental/ slowcore artist Jacob Faurholt just may be the outlet if you too are trying to escape it. Jacob Faurholt discusses his new album, Dark Hours, how it came to be, and the collaborations in it. Dark Hours is his latest album since 2009’s Why Write? EP and it comes out August 15th, 2011.

As to what kind of music Jacob likes and how his music is described.
I like music where you can sense the room it’s recorded in, I like music where you can sense the person playing, and I like music that is not killed by perfection. I hope you can hear that in my music. My music has been described as experimental folk, sadcore, and slowcore… Maybe there is some truth in that. I don’t necessary think it’s sad though.

In what ways has your music grown since you first started?
I made my first demo in my room at my parent’s house back in 1998, and I would like to think that I have developed my music since then. Every time I record an album I tend to have a pretty clear vision of how I would like it to sound, and who I would like to help me with the recordings. So I guess my music sounds a little different on every album due to the fact that there is always a different idea behind them, and also because of different players, mixers etc. makes the sound differ from the previous ones. I am also inspired by the music I listen to, so that also makes me develop my own music. I am always on the lookout for new sounds.

Dark Hours

The difference between Dark Hours, and his past albums.
For my new album I recorded the basic parts in my apartment in Berlin. Then I asked different musicians / friends if they wanted to play on it. It ended up being recorded in such different places as Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Berlin, and somewhere in the US. We did it by sending files back and forth, which was a very exiting process with a lot of good surprises along the way. I wanted to make an album with a more collective feeling to it, as my previous two albums were very sparse with few people playing. I also wanted to make an intimate album with a lot of small details, an album to listen to in headphones tugged under your blanket.

What the album title, Dark Hours, means to him.
The album title (Dark Hours) is also the title on the first track of the album. For me it sums up the general mood of the album. Its music for the Dark Hours, you can interpret it, as you want.

On collaborations he did for this album.
I collaborated with a bunch of different musicians. Some whom I just recently met in person for the first time, after the album was done. Nona Invie Marie, from the American band Dark Dark Dark, sings on three songs, Sóley from Iceland, who releases music in her own name, but also plays in Seabear (IS), sings and plays piano on the 1. single Creatures in the Sea. There are also contributions from, among others, members of the Danish bands Cody and Kloster, the Canadian artist Man Meets Bear aka Soren Brothers, and Marc Kellaway who also mixed the album. Marc is a very talented Danish musician who plays in different constellations. He has a new cool band called Distortion Girls.

On the inspiration behind his lyrics.
I more or less write my lyrics intuitive, just what comes to mind. But I guess the vision of making a “dark” album also influenced the lyrics somehow.

How he prepares for song writing.
For this album I had a pretty clear vision from the beginning of how I wanted it to sound. I wanted the album to be slow and intimate, so I had that in mind when I wrote the songs. Other times I just sit down with my guitar and start playing, and sing what comes to mind. But lately I have found it interesting to write songs that fit into a whole, that I have thought out beforehand.

On themes throughout the album.
No, not like lyrical themes.

Plans on touring the States?
No, but I would love to tour the States.

Tour Dates:
So far I only have a couple of album release shows in Denmark and a show in Berlin scheduled. I am playing with a band for the first time in years, so I am looking forward to that.

Stengade, Copenhagen (Denmark) – August 26th (support: Kloster, solo show)
Musikcaféen, Aarhus (Denmark) – Augsut 27th (support: So Like Dorian & Songs for Joebs)
Ä, Berlin (Germany) – September 21st


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