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If you don’t know Little & Ashley by name, then you probably know them from the stop motion Amazon Kindle commercial that took televisions everywhere by storm. The LA duo released this in 2010 and have since then been working on many projects, including getting married! But don’t worry, they’re not changing their name to Ashley & Ashley! Currently Little & Ashley are working on a full length album and recently got back from their honeymoon but took some time out to talk to us about their music, name changes, and their artistic endeavors.

Congratulations on the marriage! Is it safe to assume you won’t be changing your name to Ashley & Ashley?
Thank you… and that’s hilarious. Yes, it’s safe to say we will remain Little & Ashley.

Has your music grown since you first started? In what ways?
It has, it’s pretty much impossible not to evolve at least slightly every time we set out to do a new recording. We’ve experimented with a couple of new sounds on our last EP, but it always comes back to the songs and the way they evolve. Now we’re working on a full-length album and we are able to have more variety which is fun. We’re trying some faster tempos and some sweet slow songs. It’s always an adventure. Some songs have a mind of their own! ‘

What are you doing when you’re not working on music?
We’re thinking about working on music. Kidding… um, we also work as actors, so we drive around LA going to auditions and change our clothes in the car a lot. We’re quite good at that. And Marcus takes out the trash, we unload the groceries and wash the dishes. It’s all very glamourous:) And on the weekends we like to get fish tacos at Malibu Seafood Cafe and watch the sunset. Sometimes. On special occasions.

Marcus, you’re in two bands which can be described as complete opposites. How do you make that work? When you get a song idea, do you immediately think of which band it’d be best suited for?
It really doesn’t require any extra effort since the songs that I work on are always on a continuum. On one end is my solo stuff as Low Action, and on the other is Little & Ashley and it’s usually pretty easy to see where an idea belongs. But occasionally a song will lie somewhere in the middle and I’ll play it for Annie to see what she thinks. And a lot of the Little & Ashley stuff we write together, which makes it pretty clear. Every once in a while, in the middle of a writing session, I’ll get an idea that is definitely too dark for Little & Ashley and I’ll just quickly grab something to record it to use for a Low Action song later.

Little & Ashley

Both of you have professions other than Little & Ashley. How do you make time for the band while still allowing you enough time to fully carry out the creative process?
It’s a constant battle. We are both so passionate about what we do in terms of our artistic endeavors… we really have to prioritize. Sometimes we don’t sleep very much!

You recently released Thousand Falling Stars, what does the album title mean to you?
It’s about every time we’ve looked up at the giant night sky and made wishes on stars and felt humbled by the universe. We wondered what it would be like if there were a steady stream of shooting stars to wish on and title song grew out of that.

Where does the inspiration for song lyrics come from?
Everywhere… there are a lot of places to find inspiration. Sometimes a grand idea, other times a turn of phrase you hear somewhere that hits you a certain way and is inspiring, or sometimes just a feeling… but then you have to figure out how to put it into words and express it.

Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with?
We really like Adele lately… might be a weird mix of styles, but why not? Also, it would be really fun to work with a more electronic band like Zero 7 for instance, or even someone like Moby would be cool.

Do you plan on touring anytime soon? What can fans expect from a live show?
We will probably do some type of tour after our album is released. We’ve been working with a live band, experimenting with the sound and trying out different players. Our goal is eventually to have shows where we can capture the intimate acoustic side and the full band with all of the synths and guitars etc. In the meantime, we will be doing some small acoustic shows just for fun around LA while we are working on the album.

When can we expect a full length album? If there is one, what can we expect from it?
We’re working on it now and the plan is to release it early next year. We’re really excited about this new batch of songs. There will be a lot of really fun stuff, more variety, and some new sounds we haven’t explored before.

Little & Ashley have one last message for their fans:
We are so grateful for all of the support we’ve received. We love to hear from you. It’s inspiring to us to know you’re out there and listening. We’ll keep album progress and upcoming show updates on our Facebook page and our website.


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