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The Cab have had a tumultuous time since their release of Whisper War to say the least. Leaving their record label and lineup changes left original members, Alex DeLeon and Alex Marshall, to reevaluate things. With the addition of bassist, Joey Thunder, the Cab can’t be and won’t be stopped. Despite all the setbacks and after three very long years, the Cab have released their newest album, Symphony Solider. While fans are thanking them for releasing new music, they have the fans to thank. “We really can’t thank them enough for their support. If it wasn’t for their encouragement, we never would have put out Symphony Solider.”

“It feels so great to finally have this album out.” The Cab have had their ups and downs and trying to make an album without the resources of a label behind you is definitely a down. But “there is a certain amount of freedom not having to report to a label” they say. The hardest part about being on a label is waiting to hear whether or not the label likes the work you’ve done. “Typically you wrote songs, send it to the label, and pray they like what you have done.” Without a label, the Cab didn’t have to report to anyone and wait to see if someone else liked their songs. This time around, “[they] had written for so long, the hardest part was deciding which songs would make it.”

On Symphony Soldier, some impressive names popped up like Bruno Mars, Pete Wentz, Martin Johnson of Boys like Girls, and Adam Levine & Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5. “It has been an honor to collaborate with some of the musicians we look up to.” When asked how these collaborations were possible without the connections of a label, the Cab had this to say: “All you can do is ask. If they say no, that’s totally fine.” The Cab have been able to work with their idols and hope to be able to continue working with more of their idols. “[I’d] love to work with Kanye someday” Alex Deleon expresses when asked who else they’d like to work with.

You wrote over 100 songs while working on Symphony Soldier. You must have had a hard time picking out the best ones to put on the album. Will those songs ever be released as b-sides or make it onto another album? Do you feel that there are songs you didn’t pick to be on Symphony Soldier that should have been?

Alex Marshall: Yes, we have been talking about releasing some of the songs as b-sides or exclusives for other countries. Right now the main focus is still making sure everyone gets a chance to hear Symphony Soldier. Some of the songs that didn’t make the album, are going to be recorded by other artists.

Your music video for “Bad” has gone over a million views! Congrats! The music video isn’t what most music videos are like, you know, confusing plot lines with big movie studio-esque productions. Obviously, the different creative direction you chose to go down benefitted you for sure. Can you explain why you chose a different route for this music video and how it was to shoot it?

Alex Marshall: Thank you so much we are so excited and grateful that it is doing so well and still not slowing down on the views (almost at 2million now)! We are always thinking outside the box & we knew from the start what we wanted the video content to be about but we wanted it presented in a different way; it just so happened we had a connection with the wonderful Lindsay Rosenberg, who is one of the most artistic/unique Directors I’ve ever seen or heard of. We decided we wanted it to be filmed in stop monition after seeing her work, DeLeon wanted to use a local female as the main female & he reached out to Angel from Holly’s world. All in all, it worked out even better than what we imagined. It was such a good time shooting the video, so easy, relaxed & fun, which I think shows in a lot of the shots the video used.

With so many social media outlets today, it’s easier to connect with fans on an almost personal level. By doing this, it shows that the artist isn’t a machine and really can connect with fans. Everyone involved in the Cab from the band members to even your merchandise guy, Brock Falfas, have talked to fans through websites such as Twitter. Clearly, you feel that you should give back to the fans. How do you feel about artists who don’t?

Alex DeLeon: I feel like it all falls back on integrity, we are a group of guys who have invested a lot of self-time and thought in integrity and what it means to us as individuals. With that in mind we are fully aware that without every single one of our fans we wouldn’t be where we are or where we are going. There are plenty of artists out there who tend to overlook the fact that their “fans” are individuals and should be treated like so. It is very frustrating to witness bands not treat their audience like human beings and it’s slightly angering which is why we make sure to take as much time as we can to show the fans that we connect with them on a personal level; have it be on Twitter, Facebook or at our shows. When it comes down to it all we are all a lot alike on many levels, I’m still that awkward kid who read comic books during lunch in high school.

Do you have plans for tours? If so, what can we expect from live shows? Any surprises you can spill? And can you plan a show on Long Island, NY? Artists are always performing in NYC but sometimes they forget about the fish shaped island full of music lovers!

Alex DeLeon: Since it’s the beginning of a new record cycle we are going to be on the road… a lot. We have tours lined up all the way till summer of 2012 & there will of course be more after that. As for our live show, expect a high energy experience, when we play live we all play from the heart, we have songs that will make you change the way you are feeling on an emotional level, songs that will make you jump with us, songs that will make you dance and so on. Another cool factor that people are starting to notice is Alex Marshall and I tend to improvise a lot of our parts live which make every show a little different on a musical level, it is certainly a fun little thing we do to keep it spicy. I’m not aloud to spill the beans on any surprises at the moment, but a hint for the live show… expect laser guns, light sabers & bring dancing shoes. I (personally) am dying to play another show on Long Island; my very first show with The Cab (was a tryout show) and it was at a mall on Long Island I haven’t been there since but I would love to go, it will always have a special place in my heart & I’ll certainly do my best to bring us back there!

Have you ever thought of Joey changing his name to Alex so you guys can be Alex cubed? (Alex3) Could be a great new name if you guys ever decide to do a side project and experiment with a new sound! May I suggest polka rock?

Joey Thunder: I think having me as the “Joey” in the band is the twist that is currently needed. I like to call it the Oreo Sandwich Theory, I’ll be the cream filling. We have all talked about starting a side project out of laughs but the sad thing is, it became very serious very quickly and we have all agreed what must be done, we want to start a DJ group (I’m thinking a DJ empire). Club remixes, covers, originals, etc but the big twist is we will have the hooks being sung by DeLeon live, live guitar (and bass) along with other things. It could be a really cool factor for the club environment. We’ll get it started soon ;)

Do you really sext during band rehearsal? ;)
Alex Marshall: What’s your number?

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