The Glee Project’s McKynleigh Abraham Interview

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McKynleigh Abraham, from 40,000 to the final 12, she is one of the hopefuls for Oxygen’s ‘The Glee Project.’ The series has already premiered and in the oncoming weeks, the contenders will be dwindled down to one final person to win the coveted seven episode arc on the Fox hit, Glee.

We already know the basics about McKynleigh but let’s go beyond the exterior. Hailing from Paducah, Kentucky, this country girl knows how to roller derby but she’s also got some serious pipes.

Growing up in a family of performers, entertaining was surely in your blood. Did you ever think you’d be able to use your talent to help and inspire underprivileged kids in drama workshops?
“I always hoped I get to help underprivileged kids with my theatre experience but I never knew for sure. It’s never easy. I see kids come into my workshops and not want to be there and after a few hours of my workshop they are begging for more time. It’s amazing.”

We know you’re busy in school and working four jobs but after college, do you see yourself going to New York City or California to pursue a career in theater or music? Maybe even to Nashville in hopes to record a country album?
“I am going to school for Performing Arts and I love Musical Theatre. I want to move to New York when I graduate from college. Nashville would be awesome as well.”

You recently performed with Linda Davis and Kris Allen at The Louisville Palace Theater for The Mint Jubilee! That must have been amazing and you looked beautiful. How was that experience being able to sing with such great talents when you’re fairly new to this industry?
“It was unbelievable!! I never thought I would do something like this! While I was in my dressing room I was like hyperventilating. Ha ha, it was amazing.”

Being on this show has obviously opened many doors for you in the music industry. Does this make it easier for you as an artist to get your name out there or is it harder because you’re now known as “that girl from that reality show?”
“I have been able to get my name out there, I haven’t really been referred to as the “girl from the reality show” yet but if or when I do I will be ready to prove I am way more than that.”

This show has not only gotten you musical attention but also attention on the streets. What is it like to be recognized now by fans?
“It’s like I want to walk up to them and say, “hey it’s really not that big of a deal, I am not a REAL celebrity.” It’s weird to think that people hold me to this standard of being amazing; it’s so much pressure not to disappoint them!”

From what we’ve seen from the show already, what Robert Ulrich and Ryan Murphy really want from the contestants is to come out of your comfort zone and really embrace challenges; being able to shine in any circumstance. Was that a challenge for you being thrown new challenges each week and always having to try to make yourself outshine everyone else?
“It was definitely hard for me to outshine everyone. Everyone is so good!!! I am used to competition but this was soo INTENSE!”

Living with your competition must have been crazy and what not with all those different personalities. Despite being with people so different from yourself, you were able to become close friends with some of them. Are there people from the show you still keep in contact with and hope to for a long time?
“Oh yea, I became really good friends with Bryce and Samuel. I am still in touch with them now, and I hope to be for a long time.”

Viewers have a sense of what to expect this season from the teasers and previews that we’ve seen but what else can we expect that the previews aren’t showing us? (No spoilers of course)
“Well you can expect lots of fun times during down town reality, really getting to know each other’s personalities. And lots of new and different songs during the challenges.”

Finally, while scouring the web I found out that you know ASL! I also happen to sign and my name sign is two N’s making glasses for my name, Nancy, and my glasses. Do you have a name sign?
“I do! It is two ms on top of my head like mouse ears for my nick name Miki. Like Mickey Mouse.”

Check out McKynleigh on the The Glee Project, Sundays 9/8c on Oxygen!

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