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Uh Huh Her are “pie cooking shit kickers”You know that when a producer calls an artist, “pie cooking shit kickers,” that great music will be coming out of whoever this comment was directed toward. It’s inevitable. Every artist is called “new, fresh, and innovative” but when will you hear “pie cooking shit kickers?” That is an act that I know I’d be excited for.An exact quote from producer, Wendy Melvoin, who worked with Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey on their newest release, Nocturnes.

It’s been two years in the making for this album and fans have been waiting patiently, even opening their wallets to help its arrival! But let’s not forget that during that time, Uh Huh Her have been keeping themselves busy with constant touring to sold out shows, label drama, and guitar auctions. This “tumultuous” year that Leisha and Camila have both had has worked its toll on the pair but also gave them the inspiration for this album. It’s actually been such a crazy year that Camila’s favorite thing she’s done this year was times where she was “doing normal mundane things.” “Just sitting down and watching movies or doing something that requires no mental capacity is my favorite thing to do.”

“ending up living another 30 years”While everyone needs their lazy days, these two are gearing up soon for the first ever, Keep-A-Breast Tour! This is a cause very close to Camila’s heart, both of her grandmothers are “breast cancer survivors.” Her grandmother was fortunate enough to catch it early, “she was able to get a vasectomy and survive, ending up living another 30 years.” Camila says, “I felt it was a good cause that young people, or anybody for that matter, should be aware that they should catch it early and do something about it, then their chances are just incredible; obviously increased and to just provide awareness and that’s the whole point of the tour.”

Not only will the tour help spread awareness, it’s also where you’ll be able to hear the “entirety” of Uh Huh Her’s new album, Nocturnes. “Definitely” was the word used when asked whether or not the album would be having dark themes running through out. The album title is “quite literal” because Camila and Leisha had written “most of the record at night.” Camila says that she’s a “weirdly nocturnal type of person.” The dark year that both Camila and Leisha had added an element of darkness to their music. You can hear the darker sound on their headlining tour, which will have “some really great openers” like the “amazing” Bobby Alt.

When asked whether or not, not having the pressures of a label affecting their music, Camila had this to say: “I absolutely do. The writing recording process is the same; the only difference was that we didn’t have a bunch of money behind us. We had to finance everything on our own. “artists are always kind of the bottom feeders” We also had to check our time which was a luxury, so just to create something special and to really not feel rushed by people was really great. And I think that at the end of the day, we’re happy that we’re not on a label because it’s like artists are always kind of the bottom feeders in this weird way and it’s totally messed up. We’re happy to put in all the work to actually come out on top for once. When we were with Nettwerk and a couple other label deals, I kind of always felt the same sentiment which was that everyone else always gets paid and then the artist always gets paid last, which is weird because we’re doing all the work. Its super positive, we’re really excited about being on our own and hopefully we’ll be able to help out other people that are in our position.”

Camila and Leisha financed this album all on their own but when funds dried up, they went to the fans and held auctions on EBay in order to keep the album alive. The fans are “a part of it” “We sold off old guitars, made videos for people and sold those, and we made iPod mixes on brand new iPods and sold them. It was really kind of a fun way to generate money. Our fans are incredible, they’re so supportive and they’re so there for us. We were able to raise quite a bit of money. It’s pretty awesome. We feel like the fans are really invested in the record too, they’re a part of it.” Fans paying to help record your album? Obviously there’s no pressure there to uphold! “Yeah no pressure! I hope it doesn’t suck and people won’t go ‘why does this suck?’”

Uh Huh Her have worked on their new album for almost two years now. And on October 11, 2011, you can see for yourself all the hard work Camila and Leisha poured into it. I’m definitely a fan of Uh Huh Her; their electro-pop/synth-pop, whatever genre you want to categorize them into, is my happy music and could quite possibly be yours as well.

Dates for their headlining tour can be found here: http://ticketmaster.com/Uh-Huh-Her

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