Jimmy Fallon Scares The Roots with 50 Shades of Grey Trailer

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Over at 30 Rock, Jimmy Fallon is being a little Dennis the Menace with the beloved Roots and Vulture is just not having it. In what is a minute of complete hilarity, Fallon’s team filmed the Roots’ reaction to the new 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer. But to spice things up, the Tonight Show team put in a pop-up scary face in the middle of the video. Plot twist!

Seeing the genuine fear in the Roots’ faces both made me laugh and empathize with those poor souls. The shenanigans going on at the Tonight Show must be controlled, especially when manipulating a person’s anxiety and terror levels and as Vulture’s Jesse David Fox brilliantly put it, “we won’t stand for it any longer.” The Roots “should sue NBCUniversal,” Vulture says! Fallon must be stopped! He’s gaining too much power!

Well actually, whoever filmed this before getting the okay from Jimmy should actually be put down. Jimmy doesn’t like pranks. But you know what? As Machiavelli once put it, sometimes the ends justify the means. And some overwhelming panic is great for viral videos.

Also how precious is the reaction at 0:54?

Edit: The original video has been made private by The Tonight Show account so watch a re-uploaded version here.

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