John Mayer: “In Repair”

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No matter where John Mayer decides to take his music these days, we’ll always have this behind the scenes video of the making of Continuum’s “In Repair” to keep things in perspective. This video takes me back to a simpler time, a time when Mayer had his own crap reality show on MTV and liked to walk around parking lots in bear costumes. Simpler times when Taylor Swift wasn’t writing songs dedicated to the soulful singer but instead a time when Mayer himself created long-lasting songs with the ability to make fans of the most unlikely of characters. Songs of Mayer’s past discography are and continue to be a treasure and I have hope in his future releases that he’ll be able to to the same again.

“In Repair” is one of Mayer’s masterpieces and it’s one of my favorite songs ever. This One Song, One Day video simply elevates my love for Continuum because the insight it allows us to see is something so special and rare. To be able to watch this song grow from conception to fruition is something I love to watch over and over. It simply never gets old, just like “In Repair” itself.

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