John Mayer: “Never on the Day You Leave”

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My uncle told me a few months ago that there would be a new John Mayer album coming out and I was semi-excited about it. While I’ve enjoyed his last few albums, the country vibe he’s been going for in his music within the past few years has needed some warming up to from me. Now don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed 2013’s Paradise Valley but it definitely required a good couple of thoughtful listens to get through the album.

With The Search for Everything, that process wasn’t necessary. There are so many tracks I enjoy on the album like “In the Blood,” “Rosie,” and “Love on the Weekend.” When I first heard “Never on the Day You Leave,” I was so taken aback. I was driving to school when the song came on shuffle and immediately had to restart it so I could re-listen and fully pay attention. I knew instantly that the song would be one of my favorites off the new album. It’s the type of song that anyone can relate to. The feeling of missing someone is so identifiable, as well as the notion that one never really thinks about what they lose or how things are going to be moving forward at the time of when a relationship ends. The song’s lyrics resonated with me in such a profound way that I felt like I had new understandings of my old relationships and a better appreciation of my current one. That’s what happens to you when John Mayer just *gets it* right.

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