John Mayer: “XO” Beyoncé Cover

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Oh John. Sweet, sweet John Mayer. My least favorite country crooner. Oh how you are so hit or miss to me with your constantly evolving musical influences. Now that’s not a bad thing John. I enjoy most of your catalog and that reality show you had in 2004 was top notch. That “John Maier” bit in the parking lot with the bear costume? So high brow. But sometimes when I hear “You’re No One ‘Til Someone Lets You Down”, I have this weird feeling that my soul is blackening. Now that I think of it, that may actually be signs of a serious medical condition… ah I’ll WebMD it later. But despite that aversion (which may very well need treatment), you’ve pulled me back once again (like you always do) with this cover of “XO”. You really have.

I’ll admit I hadn’t heard the original version of the track before Mayer’s cover came out this morning. Actually as far as Beyoncé’s concerned, I haven’t heard any more than a radio snippet of that surfboard song in passing. (That’s not because of any pop genre snobbery. I’m pretty certain I was writing a paper that night Beyoncé destroyed the world with her visual album.) But after hearing both Beyoncé and John Mayer’s renditions? Gosh darn it, maybe I already have a cure for my soul blackening disease.

Listen to the original track yourself with Beyoncé’s heartwarming music video below:


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