Josh Record: “Wide Awake”

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Has Josh Record really not released his debut album yet? Gosh, Josh! It feels like you’ve been around for ages. Though when I think about it, I do really only know of his singles. Which only makes me more excited for his debut album, Pillars, to drop on July 14th! To me, Josh Record really does feel like a veteran in today’s music scene. He’s already toured with the likes of Bastille and Lorde, and his singles are everywhere from radio to television. You can’t escape him. And not that I’d want to!

“I’m sorry that you even care, Break these chains and walk without me” “Wide Awake” is Josh Record’s latest single, following his previous single and Radio 1 favorite, “For Your Love”. “Wide Awake” riles up the same excitement that I initially had for Josh Record when I first heard “The War”. His music seems so effortlessly beautiful, and in every aspect. They’re grand and melodic, only to be further heightened with Record’s ethereal singing voice. And the lyricism in every one of Josh Record’s songs never ceases to make me feel the emotion behind the words and that’s a quality that I think is a difficult one to hone. We’re only getting started with Josh Record and I’m really excited to see what’s next.

Pillars debuts on July 14th via Virgin/EMI.


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