Joshua Radin @ The Paramount 07/27/2012

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Joshua Radin’s Underwater tour felt more like the “Living Room” tour. Some more fish tanks and fishing net could have been hung up in my opinion. Other than the conflicting tour names, the intimate feeling he was trying to create on stage was the perfect atmosphere for his swoon worthy music. With rugs, lamps, arm chairs, tables, vintage boxes laid all across the stage, it created a feeling as if we were in his actual living room. Which probably made the women in the crowd even more excited than they already were. This living room idea was totally and completely on purpose though. Admitting it various times throughout the night, that he “liked” living rooms and wanted it to feel that way on stage. At one point when discussing his new album, Underwater, to be released on July 31st, he said that he wanted to “find a new sound to be different” for the record but then decided against it. Ultimately deciding that just his guitar and himself was best. That it felt like he was in his living room.

This intimate feeling was a carefully thought out plan and it worked. The perfect atmosphere for Radin’s love songs. It had women swaying to his soft, crooning voice all night. It even had women viciously shushing others that were talking during the performance. No one messes with Joshua Radin’s performance. Unless you’re Joshua Radin, of course. Opening with “No Envy No Fear,” a hush fell over the crowd. All attention was on Radin and his sweet, succulent voice. Oh and his sweet, succulent self as well. In between songs, introductions to songs and stories were told that had the crowd laughing. Interactions with the women in the crowd made their hearts pound even faster than they already were. When Radin admitted that he had split up with his long time girlfriend, cheers from the crowd ensued causing Radin to reply with “I guess that’s good,” followed by laughter.

“Anyway let’s bring it all back to me. I’m only in the spotlight once every night. It’s my birthday every night.”

It was the night of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and yet all these women, and the boyfriends and husbands that were dragged along, were there for Joshua Radin. That’s why he exclaimed that his new album, Underwater, was “Love songs but not for a girl, for you girls, for everyone that sees me play but really you guys. It’s about the Olympics.” His humor intermingled with his songs. After each song came a story and after each story came beaming smiles from the crowd with Radin smiling back. Sounding just as he does on his records, his performance was top notch. His whisper-y voice reached everyone in the theater and threw a blanket of lovey dovey emotion over them.

At points throughout the set, Radin would step away from the microphone and sing directly into the crowd. His voice would take on a new level. Bellowing out into the crowd, his powerful voice was able to be heard from the elevated seats in the very back of the venue. It had went by so fast, Radin’s performance. That’s exactly how you know when a show was perfect. When you’re so entrapped in it that when it’s over, you think, “that’s it?” His performance had the perfect ratio of old to new songs. His new songs, “Underwater,” “She’s So Right,” and “Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better” were accepted with open arms. They were treated with as much welcome as his older material.

The only let down of the night was that “Sky” was not performed. But this was probably because had it been performed, all the ovaries in the crowd would have exploded. A life saver, that Joshua Radin is.

Joshua Radin’s newest release, Underwater, comes out Tuesday, July 31st, 2012.

Set List:
1. “No Envy No Fear”
2. “Brand New Day”
3. “Everything’ll Be Alright”
4. “Anywhere Your Love Goes”
5. “Let It Go”
6. “One of those Days”
7. “The Rock and the Tide”
8. “Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better”
9. “You Got Growin’ Up To Do”
10. “She’s So Right”
11. “You Got What I Need”
12. “Underwater”
13. “I’d Rather Be With You”
14. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” -Bob Dylan
15. “Winter”


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