Julian Casablancas & The Voidz: “Instant Crush” Cover

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While my unwavering love for Julian Casablancas shouldn’t be the reason “Instant Crush” was amongst my favorites off of Daft Punk’s 2013 summer smash album, Random Access Memories, it totally was. I admit it. I love him. I do and I stand by my ridiculous claims of affection to a man who can somehow perform in the summer heat whilst wearing leather jackets. (Here’s looking at you Bonnaroo 2011.) And last night, the coolest man ever & the apple of my eye (kidding, but not really) covered the Daft Punk collaboration with his new backing band, The Voidz, at SXSW’s The Fader Fort. The two French robots unfortunately did not come out to Austin as surprise guests for this performance but Julian + The Voidz did a pretty bang-up job sans robots.


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