June Divided @ Warped Tour 07/21/2012

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June Divided could probably play complete gibberish and it would still sound amazing. They played their first date on their Warped Tour run this past Saturday at Warped Tour Uniondale and it was rather spectacular. When I had spoken to them earlier during their interview, the nerves were evident as I got comments like “We’ll try not to suck,” “This is our first, we don’t know what’s gonna happen,” and “Don’t judge us on this” from Chris, Melissa, and Keith. Despite the apprehensive comments, there were no nerves as they played the Ernie Ball stage. No nerves, no apprehension, just pure rock music at its finest.

I’m not really sure what happened. I barely took any notes on the show because I was too busy watching June Divided. I was mesmerized. I was captured in their world, in their music, in their performance. They’re simply captivating. In every aspect possible. Each member seemed like they had been playing their own instruments straight out of the womb. Such intricate and precise playing led for an incredibly tight performance.

At times June Divided will start off slowly, like during “The Way We Started Out.” It was odd, especially after a stellar performance of “Secrets” previously. But as these fast as these thoughts crossed my mind, they were quickly erased. Immediately, June Divided crashed into their signature high energy selves. At times they would just play, no words were sung, and all seemed good in the world. They could make an album completely void of words and it would sell like hot cakes. Lead singer, Melissa Menago’s vocals are insane. She has such an impressive vocal ability with an even more impressive range. As she sings, she’s so clear, each word is sung to perfection. As is her guitar playing along with Chris Kissel’s guitar, Keith Gill’s drumming, and Lenny Sasso’s bass playing. Even Melissa banging on the drums while Keith played was spectacular. It’s amazing how four people with such amazing musical ability seemed to have found each other. Every moment of June Divided’s set was incredible. Every note played was in sync with each other. Every word sung had emotion dripping off of it. As great as June Divided sound on their music, they sound even better live. Give June Divided a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Consider your eardrums blown.

I haven’t posted two songs from a single artist/band in one post in a while. That should show how much I like June Divided. No, “like” is only skimming the surface. I love June Divided. Not only do they create amazingly catchy rock music with vivid story telling lyrics, they’re also incredible live.

June Divided is Melissa Menago, Chris Kissel, Keith Gill, Lenny Sasso.

The Way We Started Out


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