Justin Bieber: “Company”

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I love the Biebs and I’m not ashamed to admit it. All of his albums are fire, even the baby pop ones from back in the day before his voice had dropped. And there is never a time that “Baby” comes on that doesn’t result in me squealing in absolute delight and belting along. But when I divulge this love to other people, reactions either sway towards utter shock or total understanding of the love. There usually doesn’t seem to be an in-between on opinions, at least to those I’ve talked to, but the differing opinions won’t sway my affections for the Biebs.

There’s a sense of maturity that runs throughout Justin’s latest album, Purpose, that really separates the album from his past music and this “grown-up” version of Biebs’ music has garnered him a lot of new fans. However, I think that sense of maturity starts to emerge in Justin’s vastly underrated album, Journals, from 2013. I am always trying to get my friends to listen to Journals because I think that’s where Justin begins to come into his own with his music. There’s a stark difference in the tone of Journals from Justin’s earlier albums that gives off a more developed, I guess, character to his music. Sure, subject matters continue to pertain to romantic problems but it’s a lot easier to relate to a song about having a bad day than say, a song about one less lonely girl. Ja feel?

So what I’m trying to say is that, I’ve always been a fan of Justin Bieber. I love him despite whatever questionable publicized actions occur in his personal life. He creates beautiful music and Purpose is a prime example of that. I drive for about two hours every day to go to school and work and the entirety of Purpose continues to be the soundtrack to my drives. I have yet to get sick of the album and “Company” continues to be one of my favorite tracks off the album. It makes me even happier to see that the song has a beautiful music video to accompany it. It has stunning cinematography that makes me want to strengthen my own skills with video editing. Ah, this music video is such goals.

Watch for yourself above and you’ll quickly understand my love for both the Biebs and the video.

“You ain’t gotta be my lover
For me to call you baby
Never been about no pressure
Ain’t that serious”

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