Kayla’s a Smart Cookie

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My best friend, Kayla, graduated college! This past weekend was spent at her house for all of the celebratory adventures. And since we both live on different islands within New York and because we are very creative with naming ideas, it was Staten Island Weekend. I took the Staten Island Ferry to get over there and only wanted to berate a slow walking tourist once in that travel. (Progress with my impatience!) We then headed into Manhattan to see Aaron Tveit perform at Irving Plaza. He's known for his work on Broadway, USA's Graceland, and more recently, Grease Live! on Fox. He was an absolute dreamboat and I will be dreaming of his onstage body rolls for many dreams to come.

Sunday morning found us with the best bagels (on Staten Island) which made for a wonderful start to the day. We followed that up with baking cupcakes and I made sure to have my camera, Debbie, with me to document the whole process. Kayla and I both love to bake but she's taken it a step further with her own baking Instagram account so make sure to follow her: @smart__cookie! It was a lovely day for a graduation party and so fun to shoot these photos. Shout out to Kayla for her never-ending patience with my neurotic photo taking process.

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