Late Cambrian: “Buddy Holly”

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Some points to start:

  1. I have never heard an Asian man with this kind of voice
  2. The gritty rocker sound with a giant range
  3. The Asians I know have timid small voices
  4. That wasn’t a racist comment. I’m Asian, it’s completely okay
  5. I really like O’s hair
  6. Let’s acknowledge that Nunzio and Colin can sing amazingly too!

Weezer are an enigma. They can make songs about insects and it can still be killer! That’s why covering a Weezer song can be hard to pull off yet Late Cambrian completely destroy (in a good way) everything in their sight. Whether it’s a song about/or not about Ryan Gosling or it’s a Weezer cover. Late Cambrian breathed new life into Weezer classic, “Buddy Holly,” and it is a beautiful, and dare I say, perfect, cover. And let’s add the fact that I previously compared them to Weezer and they came out with a Weezer cover! HOW GOOD AM I?!

Not as good as Late Cambrian are though. They constantly impress me. The musicianship on this cover is so tight, each instrument is played to perfection, and not one note is played out of place. The dramatic powerful buildup in the beginning song gives me the same exact feeling as a roller coaster climbing up to it’s first peak. The initial build up creates so much excitement and it’s a very good and very much all-important difference to acknowledge from the original. Listen to the drums during this part, it’s swoon worthy.

O’s range is much better suited for the “woo-hoos” than Cuomo. She can hit incredibly high notes and this completely elevates the song. Pun intended. Another surprising but great addition was the decision to include Nunzio Moudatsos and Colin Schiller in on the vocals. These two switch it up mid song and it’s so funny. The change in voices is noticeable and it makes the listener go, “WTF was that?” in a great way. I love that every member of Late Cambrian sing on this and that they all have the ability to actually sing. It’s not some attempt to be different by having each member contribute vocally. The faster tempo is a welcomed change from the original. Lead singer John’s vocals are insane. Compared to the original, his vocals are much clearer and prominent. And the guitar on both versions are equal in playing ability, if not better on this cover. This was a fantastic cover overall. Give it a listen.

The song is available when you buy either The Last Concert (their debut) or the Social Season EP from Japan here:

Late Cambrian is John Wlaysewski, O, Nunzio Moudatsos, and Colin Schiller.


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