Late Cambrian: “Ryan Gosling”

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Reasons to like Late Cambrian:

  1. There are two Asians in this band
  2. The white people are cool too!
  3. They recorded a song titled “Ryan Gosling”
  4. Ryan Gosling is hot
  5. Late Cambrian have good taste in men
  6. Liking Late Cambrian shows that you have as good of a taste as them

It’s only logical that Late Cambrian are likable! This Brooklyn based band know how to overwhelm listeners in addictive melodies and how to pick handsome men to be the title to tracks completely irrelevant. I’m not really sure what Ryan Gosling has to do with the song, maybe I’m not listening hard enough, but Late Cambrian are smart. How did they know I was Ryan’s meant to be love?! Using his name as the title for the song was brilliant. Possibly as brilliant as the song itself. Late Cambrian’s rock/indie/pop sound is infectious and has been on repeat in my iTunes for seven times now. It’s hard to pause the song and forget to turn it back on. It’s an unforgettable song by an unforgettable band. The vocals from lead singer, John Wlaysewski, sound hauntingly like Rivers Cuomo overlaid on the distinct sound of Late Cambrian. Once you get over wondering if this is the Weezer front man singing, you’re encased in the musical tornado that is Late Cambrian. This band is something not to miss, check them out!

Late Cambrian is John Wlaysewski, O , Nunzio Moudatsos, and Colin Schiller.


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