Lecrae: “I’ll Find You” feat. Tori Kelly

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I was out to dinner with a friend a few weeks ago and we discussed over tacos how Tori Kelly’s been quiet lately. Other than promotion for her role in the animated film, Sing, we weren’t hearing much in terms of new music from Tori. Fast forward to June and while scrolling on Twitter, I saw a tweet from Tori about something special with Lecrae coming out soon. At that moment, I knew I would be up at midnight waiting on the iTunes app to buy whatever was being released by the two musicians.

And there I was on the night of June 8th, waiting with my fingers ready to click the purchase button. When “I’ll Find You” finished downloading, I was hooked after the first listen. Tori’s vocals are perfect and Lecrae’s verses really showcase a sense of struggle. The song speaks of the complications of being at one’s wit’s end. Everything seems to be going wrong but in those moments, there are still people you can turn to for support.

In the description for the lyric video, Lecrae and Tori state that they wrote the song “to share [their] hope in the midst” of the pain of cancer. “At the time of this song’s composition, some of our loved ones were battling cancer. We wanted to encourage them to hold on and tell them we are here waiting, hoping, praying, and fighting with them. Some have been released from their pain forever, others are still fighting. Hold on…”

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