Life Succs Less With These Guys

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I've completely lost track of which species my succulents are because I've amassed so many while also propagating so many at the same time. That said, one of my oldest succulents (species unknown) became etiolated over this past winter and this week, I made the executive decision to propagate the sucker because the etiolation had gotten that bad. It was so stretched out and there was no way it was healthy and happy. Its stem was really weak and fragile. It could barely hold itself upright! So in an attempt to salvage it, I wiggled all of its leaves and let them sit out for a week before putting them on soil.

I got out some more baby one-inch terra cotta planters that I got from Michaels and filled them with half potting soil and half perlite for aeration. I placed the propagated leaves on top of the soil and was able to fit about four in a single pot. In a few weeks, the lil guys will be growing roots and hopefully a rosette to go with it. I also planted some mammillaria elongata offshoots that I pulled off from its mother cactus plant. It's so cute. Now I have a momma and a baby set of mammillaria. The mother plant is already growing four new offshoots so in a few months, I reckon I can add a sibling to this family of cactus plants.

Below you can see the newly propagated succulent leaves, the mammillaria elongata with top dressing from Petsmart, and some other propagated succulents that looked too pretty not to photograph.

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