Little & Ashley: “It Goes Without Saying”

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You know that feeling when you see someone for the first time in ages? Well, I felt that last night but it was a little different. The person I recognized was on a TV show but I hadn’t actually ever met her in real life. I was watching Showtime’s Shameless when a blonde woman stuck her head out of a window on the show and I felt the faintest glimmer of familiarity right then. Amazingly enough, I had done an interview with her and her husband back in 2011. That person was Annie Little of Little & Ashley and she was such a sight for sore eyes.

I openly admit how bad I am at keeping up with people and music updates so you can imagine my delighted surprise when I learned that Little & Ashley had released a full length album just last year. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind, I was aware that Marcus Ashley and Annie Little had gotten married and had a daughter but release an album as well? That one somehow got past me. (I guess I don’t have what it takes to be the next Sherlock Holmes.)

But as much as I love Shameless, the best thing that came from last night’s episode was discovering Dreamy Happy Sexy. Listening to this album instantly brings back all of the promise that was in Little & Ashley’s all too short Stole My Heart EP from 2010. What initially captivated me about L&A’s music was this quality of seemingly genuine lighthearted joy that was sprinkled all throughout their songs. So naturally, you can imagine the immense happiness I experienced when I felt that same quality throughout Dreamy Happy Sexy. “It Goes Without Saying” is the prime example of this unique characteristic in Little & Ashley’s music but it also exhibits a clear progression in their sound since Stole My Heart. I’m thoroughly enjoying the album but I’m especially enjoying the fact that Little & Ashley are still creating music.


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