Local Natives @ Electric Factory 09/28/2013

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I went to see Local Natives play in Philadelphia at Electric Factory and it was just as magical as their performance at Terminal 5. Wild Nothing opened the show once again and this time around, they were surprisingly more willing to engage in stage banter with the crowd. Their set was as promising as it was in New York City but it still left me wondering if there was supposed to be more to their performance. And when Local Natives took to the stage, they were exuberant and radiating all sorts of happiness. A Local Natives show is really like no other. This band is so tight and they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to putting on a show. Their show closer, “Sun Hands,” rocked so hard that it had their light bulb stage display swinging like a pendulum, really making it look like Local Natives were bringing the house down. (And how fitting it was that their stage decor had light bulbs in a venue whose logo consisted of Ben Franklin’s face. Think about it.)

Catch Local Natives when they come play around you because it’s really such an experience. And if they’re not playing around you, consider staying in a hostel! Some nice people behind my friend and I in line traveled from Ohio just to see Local Natives. Now that’s dedication.

“I noticed a movie being played around the venue and I thought it was kind of rude but then I realized it was us.” – Taylor Rice

Local Natives is Kelcey Ayer, Taylor Rice, Ryan Hahn, Matt Frazier, Nick Ewing.


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