Local Natives: “Past Lives”

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Oh Local Natives, how my love continues to be as strong as the day you released Hummingbird three years ago. It’s been so long but alas, we meet again. I’ve been watching you guys on social media for these past few years and I’ve seen y’all traveling the world*. It was obvious that new music was in the works so I remained patient, knowing full well that one day, my ears would be graced with your beautiful harmonies once again. And that day arrived! After I stopped paying attention to the music world in general and a friend told me to listen to “Past Lives” on the Local Natives Soundcloud, that is.

So here we are, having lost count of how many times “Past Lives” has been played and laughing at Nereida Quevedo’s Soundcloud comment saying, “He’s gonna wait for her! :'(.” Both that comment and that lyric just make me want someone to be waiting for me too. And you know what? This new track is doing the same exact thing that Local Natives’ past music has done to me and that is evoking all of the feelings. I love this track and that’s all I really have to say. It’s hauntingly beautiful and it’s energetic AF. Its lyrics are so abundant with a love that I hope to have for someone else one day. It’s wonderful and I’m so excited for Local Natives’ new album to be released, just like everyone else in the Soundcloud comments is.

*I’m pretty sure I commented on one of their Instagram photos years ago saying that I hope they were making new music whilst in some foreign country. I think Kelcey Ayer’s wife replied saying that she hoped the same. I’m so embarrassing.

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