Lovelife: El Regreso EP

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Brooklyn based Lovelife by way of London have just released their new EP, El Regreso. I’ve never really been a believer in synth pop but after listening to El Regreso, I’ve been converted. The beats throughout the six track EP are lush and melodic. Those beats underlay Lee Newell’s vocals which have proven to have a great range. His vocal range is rather stunning because at times, it feels as if a woman is being featured on the track. And Ally Young’s production skills are spectacular. The beats are at times muted and then powerfully crash on the listener’s unsuspecting ears.

“I’m No More” sets El Regreso off on a running start and quickly became my favorite track off the EP. Its dark subject matter is balanced well with insatiable beats. It shows off Newell’s range and Young’s impeccable production skills. And if you’re only half listening, it sounds as if Newell is singing “will the panty drop?” ;)

The album is available for free download off the band’s website which also includes hand written lyrics for each song.

Download El Regreso EP for free here:


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