Lumin Bells: “Somehow The Same”

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Whenever I read a comparison between Nick Drake and an artist, I’m always a bit wary because Nick Drake isn’t just a name to throw around. He was a serious talent, a gifted musician, and an enigma that can’t be compared to the likes of just anybody. So when I saw comparisons made to Nick Drake of Liverpool band, Lumin Bells, my first thoughts were “Yeah okay.”

After my first listen of “Somehow The Same”—I’m now on my 6th listen—I could see how one would think of the late English musician. Lumin Bells have a gentle quality to them that’s incredibly reminiscent of Drake. There resonates a contradicting hopeful sadness in “Somehow The Same”, in its thoughtful lyrics and textured ambient layers. A refreshing take on Drake, Lumin Bells also brings to mind Bright Eyes not because of Nico Hercules’ soft spoken vocals—though that does factor in—but because “Somehow The Same” appears simplistic at first glance while its carefully crafted lyrics and structure hang back from the spotlight, slowly working its magic as it causes listeners to recall their own memories of wearing their heart on their sleeve. Lumin Bells deserve the compliment of being reminded of Nick Drake and they really show it with “Somehow The Same”. Listen above.

Lumin Bells is Nico Hercules, Mick Dolan, Danny Poole, Colin Lamont, Austin Murphy, Nick Henham.


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