Magic Man: “Paris” Video

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With the advent of services like SoundCloud and Spotify, I’ve completely forgotten that music videos are still a thing and considering today is #MagicManMonday, I figured I’d share the music video for “Paris.” Perhaps it’s just me but I have a penchant for music videos with plot lines and dancing that I just don’t get, whether or not it’s because I’m simply not deep or cultured enough, I still like ’em. I watch in the hopes that one day, I will have gathered enough intellectual prowess to understand. In the mean time, the actual music will sustain me.

Magic Man are also about to tour! And I’m too lazy to copy over the dates so check out this photo or this link for more info.

Magic Man is Alex Caplow, Gabe Goodman, Joey Sulkowski, Justine Bowe, Sam Lee.


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