Me & Mrs F: “Tonight You Belong to Me”

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I always adore the covers that Tom and Giovanna Fletcher make together but this one takes on a more special meaning to me than their other videos. The song hit me during a period in my life where its lyrics really resonated with me. I feel as though everyone has that one person with whom they always go back and forth with. Well I do at least and during our last back and forth, I discovered this video and watched it so many times. It was immediately bookmarked and every once in awhile, I’ll watch it again, let its lyrics wash over me, and think about that one person.

Your relationships with people may not always work out or last but the moments that were good continue to exist far past the relationship’s expiration date. And this song brings those out for me. I remember the good memories, the lovely conversations, and the love I felt. People stay with you even if they aren’t presently in your life and this cover reminds me of that. Its lyrics are sweet and touching, just like Gi and Tom always are in their videos. It makes everything so much better that these two people, who have an immense love for one another, made this video together. Ugh, I love it so much.

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