MiC LOWRY: “Supermodels” ft. Wiley

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“She ain’t scared to eat her dinner”I appreciate hip hop but I don’t put in the effort to listen to it very much. I’m more interested in the culture and history of hip hop than I am with the music, which is why it was a curious moment for me to listen to one particular lyric from Wiley’s verse in MiC LOWRY’s track, “Supermodels.” “She ain’t scared to eat her dinner,” really resonated with me because I too, am not afraid to eat my dinner. Food in general, while we’re at it. There is no fear at all between me and food. I even cringed a little during the scene in the music video when the bowl of cereal dropped to the floor because as previously noted, I would not have been afraid to eat that bowl of cereal.

Fuckery aside, MiC LOWRY can do no wrong. From their music to their videos, everything is just perfection and “Supermodels” follows that same trend. It follows up on the same level of melodic transcendence that “Tuxedo” previously set the bar with. And on that note, I’m not even surprised that their debut EP, The Show, reached number 1 on the UK R&B iTunes chart. I always expect MiC LOWRY to succeed in their endeavors and they seem to already be doing that. There’s only up from here.

MiC LOWRY is Ben Sharples, Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones, Delleile Ankrah, Michael Welch.


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