MiC LOWRY: “Tuxedo”

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I first discovered this five piece band when my friend sent me this Tumblr link to their Beyonce and Bruno Mars mash up. I was instantly impressed by their talent but also appalled by the people walking past that continued to go about their business while these five guys were belting out pure magic. Since then I’ve been keeping up with MiC LOWRY’s updates, watching their studio Snapchats, and patiently waiting for original music. Well now that day has come and unfortunately, my cursed American status forbids me from pre-ordering their debut EP, The Show, on iTunes.

Luckily, we have YouTube access here so I’m able to play MiC LOWRY’s “Tuxedo” music video over and over. It’s amazing what this R&B group is able to create with their impeccable singing voices and with a label’s backing, I’m even more excited for the band’s future endeavors. “Tuxedo” is beautiful and it’s almost impossible not to sing along when the chorus hits.

Hey MiC LOWRY, come to New York already.


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