Miniature Tigers: Cannibal Queen

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Throwback to 2008? Yes please! Tell It To The Volcano by Miniature Tigers will never grow old for me. Their indie pop rock playfulness keeps me coming back for more even three years later. I was recently obsessing with this song on my latest trip upstate. I actually used up all of my iPod’s power by continually putting this song on over and over. (I forgot about the Repeat One feature)

Charlie Brand’s soft vocals and quirky lyrics are the making for a feel good song. It’s incredibly hard to not sing along to this song and smile when you hear it. “This is not a test or an SOS/I’m no longer on a quest to get girls undressed/I search through their hearts and no treasure found/I’m so lucky this one lets dogs hang around.” Singing about heartbreak seems almost effortless for Brand. He’s able to make a depressing subject matter sound oh so delightful. Miniature Tigers are perfect for you if you like Phoenix or The Shins. This song may be old but it’s a timeless song in my book.

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