MajorLOVE: “Fire Eyes”

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“The smoke is making us blind. We’ll be lucky if we get away tonight.” Wanna know how much I love “Fire Eyes” by MajorLOVE? I love it so much that I personally reached out to the Arizona duo and asked if they could make the song public so that I could share it with you all. Now that we know how caring and awesome I am, we can appreciate the sick pop song that is “Fire Eyes”. This track is simply a brilliantly made pop song with killer vocals from Johnna and a nice pacing rhythm to keep the song interesting and upbeat. We’re looking forward to what’s in store from MajorLOVE and you should too. But even if you don’t, we’ll be around to keep you updated! This duo could teach a thing or two to Relient K about pop songs.

The song is available for free download and if you were smart—which we know you are—you would download it while it’s still free!

MajorLOVE is Major and Johnna.


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