Seapony: “Dreaming”

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I have a secret love for the fashion world. Yeah, I pay attention to a world where a single belt can make or break you. I find fashion to be fascinating in the way that it’s always evolving and the way it led me to the musical discovery of Seapony.

Let me set the scene: Laptop in front of me, what do I do? Go on Hulu of course! Hulu’s commercials never relate to me but one in particular struck me in ways that is surely to be long lasting. A commercial for The Fashion Fund came on. It appealed to my secret aspiration of becoming a fashion designer. It was like Hulu knew my deepest darkest secrets, that I loved the world of fashion. Quickly I divulged into the series and while in a montage of fabrics and people rushing about with fabrics in their hands came along “Dreaming” by Seapony. Over and over the catchy melody with words sung so softly played. And over and over I played the segment so I could Google the lyrics I was straining my ears to hear.

I felt triumphant, like I’d won my country a gold medal at the Olympics. I was standing on top of the podium holding my fist in the air because I had won against all odds. I had won against the dangerous allure of the fashion world and found Seapony. To my delight, Seapony had a full length album out and I had won again.

Infectious melodies and such delicate, airy vocals graced my ears. So simplistic, so understated, so much time to make up for not knowing about Seapony until now. “Dreaming” reeled me in with 10 seconds and I’m happy to say that Go With Me kept me there. There’s a lightness that comes along with listening to something of this caliber. A weightlessness falls over me and all my troubles float away.

I’m on cloud nine, literally, I think “So Low” was the one to bring me up there. So I’m writing to all your Earthlings today, to tell you that Go With Me is all you’ll ever need to feel a musical high. I may be a little late to the bandwagon but I’m happy I’m along for the ride.

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