St. South: “Slacks”

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“I’m leaving this love for the last time.

” St. South is the project of Austrailia’s Olivia Gavranich and today we have her single, “Slacks”, to bring us some auditory pleasure. This track is a cornucopia of awesomeness. The cutting lyrics illustrate a declaration of one’s independence from the destructive holds of a relationship gone wrong as Gavranich’s delicately layered vocals sweep across electronic soundscapes. It’s an interesting blend of folk and alternative while embracing an electronic twist with the added beats. “Slacks” is a beautifully textured and intricately layered track slick enough to distract you from reality for a few minutes. It’s already gotten us distracted for about 25 minutes. Listen above!

“Slacks” is available for free download here:


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